Best Low Compression Golf Balls


Looking for a low compression golf ball?

We all have preferences when it comes to how we like a golf ball to feel and we all have different swing speeds. A low compression golf ball typically has a softer feel and is geared toward golfers with lower swing speeds to compress the golf ball and get maximum distance.

We subjected leading golf balls to our patented test and rating method including bench testing where we assessed golf ball overall compression and cover hardness. The basis for our approach is U.S Patent 7,918,751, Method of Rating Golf Balls. The patent provides a testing and rating method to obtain performance data on golf balls in a manner that will assist golfers in selecting a golf ball that meets their specific swing profile, equipment, feel and price criteria.

Compression is a measurement of how much a golf ball deforms (compresses) when a load is applied to it. It is an indication of how a golf ball feels at impact. The lower the rating the more the ball deforms and feels softer, the higher the rating the less the ball deforms and feels firmer.

Manufacturers often address the golf ball’s core compression when talking about its construction and design. The core is typically referred to as the inner most part of the golf ball in a two- or three- piece construction. Our testing addresses the golf ball’s overall compression. We do not test the golf ball’s internal core compression. We utilize ATTI and Majestix compression testers to conduct our overall golf ball compression test.

The following golf balls were recognized, in alphabetical order, as a BEST GOLF BALLS in the Low Compression category:

Best Low Compression Golf Balls

Wilson Staff Duo 2012 | BUY NEW |


Nike Power Distance Soft 2010 | BUY NEW | BUY RECYCLED |


Bridgestone e6 2013 | BUY NEW | BUY RECYCLED |


Bridgestone Tour B330-RXS 2012 | BUY NEW | BUY RECYCLED |


Wilson Staff FG Tour 2010 | BUY NEW |



In choosing the right golf ball, golfers should consider their “best fit” potential for their game in the context of their own preferences and the trade-offs they are prepared to take for distance, control and feel and according to their own unique ballistics measures of ball speed, launch angle and general spin rate. As with any ball, player preferences and individual launch/spin conditions are paramount to optimal golf ball selection.


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