What’s Inside A Golf Ball?


Ever wonder what the inside of a golf ball looks like?

Golf ball construction has evolved dramatically over the years. Today, golf balls are constructed in two-piece, three-piece, four-piece, five-piece and even six-piece designs.

As a minimum, all golf balls have a “core” and a “cover”.  Design variations beyond this basic design include multiple covers and multiple layers within the core.  The layer(s) between the cover and the core are often referred to as the mantle later.

Two-Piece Golf Balls: Features large solid rubber core and cover. The cover is typically Surlyn or Ionomer based.

The Bridgestone e5 is an example of a two-piece golf ball. Notice the large core with cover.


Three-Piece and Multi-Layer Golf Balls: Features a solid rubber core with an inner layer or multiple layers between the core and cover. The inner layer is typically urethane or urethane-based.

The Nike Vapor Black is an example of a three-piece golf ball. Notice the large core with dual cover layers.


The Titleist Pro V1x is an example of a  four-piece golf ball. Notice the two thin covers with core and mantle layer.


The TaylorMade Lethal is an example of a five-piece golf ball. Notice the large core with multiple mantle layers.



What’s Inside A Golf Ball?

As part of our ongoing testing and analysis of leading golf balls we cut them in half and examine and verify the construction of each golf ball. Seen below, these images are high definition photographs of the cross-sections of golf balls that have been surgically halved to display the construction and interior engineering of the leading golf balls on the market. To us, these beautiful images reflect the embodiment of technology that goes into golf ball design and performance development. These photographs were taken by our good friend Steve Carr.  Steve is an artist based in Auckland, New Zealand involved in a variety of creative endeavors spanning Film, Sculpture and Photography. Learn more about Steve and his work here.  Also see more of these incredible images at GolfBallPix.com.

nike-one-rzn-x-golf-ball-inside-13 callaway-hex-black-tour-golf-ball-inside-12

srixon-q-star-golf-ball-inside-13 taylormade-lethal-golf-ball-inside-13


In choosing the right golf ball, golfers should consider their “best fit” potential for their game in the context of their own preferences and the trade-offs they are prepared to take for distance, control and feel and according to their own unique ballistics measures of ball speed, launch angle and general spin rate. As with any ball, player preferences and individual launch/spin conditions are paramount to optimal golf ball selection.

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